This pocket sized guidebook explores the stunning coast and countryside of the Kingdom of Fife.

Kingdom of Fife. 40 Coast and Country Walks features a nice selection of walks throughout the region in a nicely thought out form.

Author Dan Bailey has written many good books covering walking and climbing throughout Scotland and has gained respect from the outdoors community for his attention to detail. In this title he explores the Kingdom with the same level of focus as his other titles.

The book contains 40 short walks covering most areas from the southern shores of the Firth of Forth onward around the coastline to the northern edge of the region and the banks of the Firth of Tay. There are also plenty of routes further inland that explore the likes of the Lomond Hills and the charming village of Ceres.

Many of the featured routes are suitable for both families and those of limited ability.

Each route includes a nice back story and description of the routes you are walking along with some nicely shot photographs and a well illustrated map of the route. Where possible, the author also mentions if the route is public transport friendly. A note of which Ordnance Survey map you will require require is also noted but sadly the author does not include any map references for you to use with it.


Kingdom of Fife. 40 Coast and Country Walks is a excellent book to help you plan your next adventure in Fife. I found the descriptions to be entertaining and informative and the presentation of the maps to be fairly accurate. A good read!

Kingdom of Fife - 40 Coast and Country Walks

Quality of Content - 8.5
Overall Design - 8.5
Value for Money - 8.5


A good read!

Entertaining and informative.

Kingdom of Fife - 40 Coast and Country Walks

Date Published: 2008
Format: 10.5 x 0.8 x 14.8 cm
ISBN: 978-0955454837
Cover Price: £6.99
Available From: Amazon

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