Safety while walking should be your number one priority and being able to signal for help is essential.

When you are out walking through the countryside or in the hills the ability to call out for help when the day goes wrong is important.

Many people have become too reliant on they mobile phones and assume that if they get into trouble they can simply call someone for help and this is a mistake for the following reasons.

  • Mobile coverage across the UK is not 100%
  • Mobile phones rely on battery power
  • Mobile phones don’t stand up well to be bashed and soaked

The mobile phone is still a good thing to take with you but you must back it up with something that isn’t going run out of power and works in the rain – the whistle.

Safety whistle

The Lifesystems Mountain Whistle provides an effective way of signalling for help when outdoors.

The whistle is capable of providing 108db blast which is sufficient for signalling for help. The body is made of anodised alloy and comes with a keyring attached allowing to either clip it to you pack or attach it to a lanyard. The design of the whistle makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Emergency distress signal

The emergency distress signal is recognised internationally as being 6 blasts repeated with an interval of one minute between each series of 6 blasts. If your whistles are heard by a search party, you should hear three whistles in reply.  Keep repeating the whistle blasts so the search team can locate your position.


I have carried many different signal whistles over the years and this one has served me well and is attached to my pack every time I go out on the hills or out into the countryside. Essential.

Lifesystems Mountain Whistle

Overall Design - 9
Overall Quality - 9
Effectiveness - 9
Value For Money - 9



Attached to my pack every time I go out on the hills or out into the countryside.


Pack Size: 40x12x12cm
Colour: Orange / Grey
Body: Anodised alloy
Loudness: 108db
Available From: Amazon

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