Scotland is as much a land of lochs as of mountains.

It contains over 30,000 lochs and lochans and they make up more than 600 square miles of its surface area.

However, in contrast to the numerous lists and associated resources available for exploring the Scottish hills (Munros, Corbetts, Marilyns etc), there did not (until now) appear to be analogous lists and resources for Scottish lochs.

The lochbagging website is designed to encourage people to explore the lochs of Scotland by providing lochbagging lists and associated GPX files (for use on smart phones or dedicated GPS devices).

Lochbagging should add an extra element of interest to an outdoor expedition, for example a loch can be bagged en route to a hill. It may also suite those who like getting out and about but are not fans of scary ridges, or those whose joints may now be suffering a bit after completing the Munros. Crawfucius (lochbagging’s resident seer) put it this way “Always strive to balance the Yin and Yon. For each Yin o’ they hills climbed, bag ane o’ Yon lochs”.

There is a Scotland-wide list (“The Murrays”; 544 lochs) as well as various regional lists (e.g., “The Crawfords” covering The Cairngorms National Park; 141 lochs). For each of these there is a downloadable GPX file, a Google map of their locations, and a downloadable list (i.e., a “tick list”).

lochbagging in Fife - Walk Fife
lochbagging in Fife - Walk Fife

Lochbagging: The How

Once you are at a loch, bagging it simply requires you to dip your hand in it. You are encouraged to take a “dipping shot”, akin to a summit shot, to capture the moment (this can be shared on the lochbagging facebook page if you wish). Folks have been quite imaginative with these (not just hands but paws too) and, unexpectedly, even romantic (as can be seen in the images on the right).

lochbagging in Fife - Walk Fife
Visit the Lochbagging website to discover the lochs in Fife.

Lochbagging in Fife

There are two lochbagging lists specifically for Fife. The first (“The Archies”) consists of all Fife lochs that are named on Ordnance Survey 1:25k mapping (49 lochs). There is also a much shorter list (“The Redpaths”) that contains all the lochs within the boundaries of the Lomond Hills Regional Park (7 lochs). The lochs on this latter list also lie fairly close to each other and so could be bagged in a day and/or combined with climbing the Lomond hills.

Find out more

To access the GPX files and lochbagging lists for Fife and elsewhere, view the lochs displayed as pins on a Google map, and to immerse yourself in the teachings of Crawfucius, visit the lochbagging website at https://sites.google.com/view/lochbagging/home

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