Safety is the prime concern of the Walk Fife team.

Being able to signal for help is vital in an emergency situation.

Since Walk Fife began reviewing equipment, we have featured many different pieces of safety kit which we think are essential for the walker. One area where we need to expand is emergency signalling devices.

Lomo LED Emergency Strobe Light

This LED Emergency Strobe Light is manufactured by well respected Scottish outdoor equipment manufacturer, Lomo.

We have already reviewed a few other walker-friendly products made by the firm and when we discovered that they made an emergency strobe light we knew we had to buy one to see if it met their usual high standards.

Why a strobe light?

When sitting shivering on the side of a brutal hillside having the ability to signal for help is something more valuable than all the gold in the world.

A powerful strobe light has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of signalling others that you are in distress and those observing can locate you so rescue can be arranged.A strobe really cuts through the noise of the landscape and the flashing easily catches the eye of potential rescuers over quite a distance.

Design and construction

The strobe unit is constructed from tough bright orange plastic and is fairly chunky little unit when compared with more expensive offerings from other companies. The size may deter some people from purchasing but they would be mistaken in dismissing this unit due to it’s size.

The strobe is waterproof to a depth of 80m making it ideal for the walker who enjoys diving, kayaking and, lets face it as it is Scotland, walking in the rain! The unit can also float which is an added benefit.

The unit is powered by x3 standard AA batteries which sit with the unit in a compact and rattle-free caddy. Unlike similarly priced units, the power switch is of the magnetic variety which ensures that the chances of water ingress is kept to the very minimum.

The strobe light is provided by x4 very powerful LED bulbs which are arranged in a way where the strobe projects it’s light in a hemispherical pattern which increases the chances of you being spotted from multiple approaches.

Lomo claim that the light can be observed from 2000m away which is something that through testing we can agree upon as the strobe is incredibly powerful. Running continuously the strobe can last between 30 and 80 minutes.

At the top of the unit there is a lens which allows you to focus the strobing light towards rescuers.

The strobe can be sat down on even ground, held in your hand using the optional wrist strap for additional security or mounted to your pack or strapped to your arm using the supplied velcro strap. Plenty of options for the walker.

In use

The Lomo LED Emergency Strobe Light while appearing bulky in shape is still quite small when compared to other signalling equipment and I easily found space for it in the header pocket of my rucksack where it accompanied my other emergency kit.

We tested the unit thoroughly in a range of conditions in the hills during Winter, Spring and Summer and have found it to be reliable, well made and effective over quite a distance.

The only issue we had with the unit was battery life which could be as low as 30 minutes in low temperatures but in the warmer weather it ran for 80 minutes without fault so packing spare batteries may be a good idea.


The Lomo LED Emergency Strobe Light packs a mighty punch for such an inexpensive device and we would thoroughly recommend it for walkers who are on a budget but still want to be prepared for an emergency in the wilds – Good Kit!

Lomo LED Emergency Strobe Light

Overall Design - 8.5
Overall Quality - 8.5
Effectiveness - 9.5
Value For Money - 10



The Lomo LED Emergency Strobe Light packs a mighty punch for such an inexpensive device!


Pack Size: 52mm x 132mm
Weight: 185g
Water Proof Rating: 80m
Power: x3 AAA
Bulb Type: x4 LED – 5000h
Available From: Amazon

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