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Scotland’s outdoors is managed by a variety of people and organisations and many of them earn their living from the land.

It is all of our responsibilities to respect each other’s activities and interests in the outdoors.

Access rights in Scotland apply to most land and inland water. Whatever your walking interest, whether it’s straight from your front door to walk locally, or further afield in the fantastic Scottish countryside, hills or mountains, there are some easy to follow guidelines to help you on your way.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code says:

You can exercise access rights for:

  • recreational purposes (such as pastimes, family and social activities, and more active pursuits like horse riding, cycling, wild camping and taking part in events)
  • educational purposes (concerned with furthering a person’s understanding of the natural and cultural heritage)
  • some commercial purposes (where the activities are the same as those done by the general public), and
  • for crossing over land or water.

The three key principles of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code are:

  1. Respect the interests of other people
  2. Care for the environment
  3. Take responsibility for your own actions

Find out more about the Scottish Outdoor Access Code by visiting their website at www.outdooraccess-scotland.com

Know the code before you go!

Walk Fife - Exploring the Kingdom of Fife on foot
Walk Fife - Exploring the Kingdom of Fife on foot
Walk Fife - Exploring the Kingdom of Fife on foot
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