Personal safety while outdoors is an important consideration.

Making sure that you are equipped with a light source is essential for every walker.

Having a way of signalling your position at night can be the key to being rescued when in an emergency situation.

Splashflash Personal Locator Light

The Splashflash Personal Locator Light is a small dual function LED device that works both as a torch and a signalling device.

This compact light weighs only 26g and has a respectable waterproofness rating of IPX7 which means it can survive submersion in 1m of water for 30 minutes. The orange rubberised body allows the unit survive a direct drop of 1m making it a tough little light.

The Splashflash is powered by one AAA standard alkaline (or lithium) battery which is easy and quick to replace when required. The light is supplied with a small carabiner to allow you to attach it to yourself or your equipment.

The device is powered on using a twist collar which also controls the dual function element of the light. The first mode allows the light to remain on constantly while emitting a 25 lumen light which is adequate for most uses. While in this mode the power will last for 11 hours.

Selecting the second mode makes the light flash the morse code emergency signal SOS. This is a nice feature to have in such a small device and, when selected, the looping sequence can last for up to 16 hours.

In Use

The Splashflash is really easy to operate and although it hasn’t yet been deployed in a real life emergency situation, it has proven itself during testing to be a tough and effective device.

When being used as a constant light source, it provides a good level of light illuminating an area of approximately 6m in diameter.

When in emergency mode, the flashes can be seen for approximately 500m on a clear night. Admittedly, this device would not be a replacement for a high power emergency strobe light but for something this small and inexpensive it does hold it’s own.


The Splashflash Personal Locator Light has proven itself be a good addition to my hillwalking kit and, if you are looking for something to bolster your own personal safety equipment, then you cant really go wrong with this device.

Splashflash Personal Locator Light

Overall Design - 8.5
Overall Quality - 9
Effectiveness - 8.1
Value For Money - 10



If you are looking for something to bolster your own personal safety equipment, then you cant really go wrong with this device.


Lumens: 25
Battery: AAA (supplied)
Weight: 26g
IPX Rating: 7
Modes: x2
Available from: Amazon

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