Lightweight but effective cookware is often sought after by the people wanting to travel light.

There are many options available today for the walker looking to lessen their load.

For years now I have been a keen user of integrated cooking systems the kind that combine a stove and pot in one portable unit. While these systems are quite effective, they are often bulky and heavy especially if you are only heading out to the trails for a day with a small daypack.

The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set

Stanley are perhaps better known for their now legendary hammered finished thermos flasks which are a firm favourite for those looking for something that is tough and durable. While these famed flasks have been the mainstay of the firm for many decades, in recent years the company have branched out in to cookware for use in the outdoors.

The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set is one of these offerings and is aimed at people looking for a compact set up.

The main element of the set is a 710ml stainless steel pot. The pot is tall and slim and is fitted with a folding lockable handle. The pot features very easy to read volume markers that can be viewed both inside and outside of the pot wall.

The pot comes with a vented lid which fits snugly to the pot. As well as allowing the pot to vent when on a stove, the holes/vents also allow you to strain excess water from foods like pasta. The pot handle is easy to hold even with gloves on and folds away nicely for storage.

Stored inside the pot are two Stanley green nesting insulated cups. These two cups nestle nicely inside the pot with the minimum of rattle and each can hold approximately 295ml. The pot, lid and cup are all dishwasher friendly which is good to see.

As with the majority of Stanley’s products, the cook set comes with a lifetime warranty.

In Use

Despite the narrowness of the pot, it is very stable when placed upon a standard gas camping stove and, as it is of single wall construction, it conducts the heat really efficiently.

The pot is sturdy enough to allow it to be used in a camp fire set up as well should you prefer to add a little more enjoyment to a wild camping trip. You can even use it on some solid fuel tablet type stoves provided they can be adjusted to suit the diameter of the pot.

The pot’s handle does heat up a fair bit so using a cloth is advised when removing the pot from its heat source.

The lid works well and the strainer feature does a fairly good job allowing you to safely drain excess water away without too much hassle. The lid handle works well despite being quite small and it allows you to check on your food easily.

The two plastic cups are fairly good and have been used quite often but it would have been nice if they were slightly larger in volume as the 295ml is just not enough for many people who I have shared a brew with while on the hills.

I found that removing one of the cups from the kit allows me to store my MSR Pocket Rocket 2 stove, a cloth, a small spork and a fire steel inside of the pot which is a great space saver.


The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set has proven itself time and time again while camping and walking in the Scottish hills. The simplicity of it’s design along with it’s sturdy and high quality of construction make it a really effective option for people looking for a low-cost and compact cookware solution. Top notch kit.

Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set

Overall Design - 8.5
Overall Quality - 9
Effectiveness - 9
Value For Money - 9


Top Kit!

The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set is a really effective option for people looking for a low-cost and compact cookware solution.


Construction: Stainless Steel
Volume: 710ml (Pot)
Weight: 600g
Available from: Amazon

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