Walkers all know that carrying all the kit you need for the day ahead can sometimes be challenging.

There are hundreds of carrying solutions for the walker and in all shape and sizes and it can be confusing when it comes to picking one for yourself.

Each member of the Walk Fife team have had the same feeling at one time or another and we decided to start to share our experiences by reviewing some of our favourite backpacks, rucksacks and other solutions with you through our website.

Alpkit is a British outdoors company renowned for their high-quality and budget friendly products for walkers, climbers and cyclists. I personally own a number of different products produced by the firm and I honestly think they richly deserve their reputation so, when I needed a new daypack, I knew where to turn.

The Alpkit Brevent Rucksack

The Brevent is a 22 litre capacity rucksack is manufactured here in the UK and is constructed from waxed cotton throughout it’s main form. This may sound like old technology to some of you given most rucksacks available today.

Waxed cotton is naturally water resistant and has a proven track record other the centuries for being flexible, hard-wearing and easy to maintain which is ideal for the production of rucksacks.

The use of cotton is not the only thing that is harkening back to the golden age of walking as the overall design has a distinct retro feel about it. Alpkit have done away with the use of the usual black plastic quick release clips (apart from the sternum strap) and have instead used alloy fastenings which are designed for a tough and long life.

The Design

The pack is quite simple in form. The main cargo compartment is closed with a draw cord and a fold over flap which keeps your gear secure and dry.

Inside the compartment is a padded sleeve to allow you to store a laptop or what other gadgetry you wish to keep safe. In the flap there is a small zipped compartment where you can store your compass, sunscreen, bug spray etc there is also a handy key clip so you always know where your keys are when returning home after a day’s walking.

Mounted externally on each side of the pack is a bellow-style pocket which is designed to fit your water bottle and each can be adjusted through an integrated compression strap. These work really well.

The back support of the pack is lightly padded and as with the rest of the pack it is simple, effective and comfortable. All of these design choices mean that the Brevent only weighs in at 780g.

Adjustments & Comfort

The waist strap is generous in length and comfortable to use. Seldom have I seen a 22 litre pack which allows for winter layers which is good to see. The sternum strap is basic and mounted a little high on the padded strap for people with broad shoulders but this is a minor issue for many.

The shoulder straps are lightly padded but again are generous in length. Some people have asked me if the lack of padding is an issue in a daypack like this but it hasn’t been for me so far. Obviously if you are carrying a heavy load then padding is essential but, when you consider the weight of the typical kit you need for a day on the hills, then padding is less of a concern.

The pack is also covered with a 25 year Alpine Bond warranty which allows you to get your pack repaired should it fail in anyway.


I have been using the Brevent rucksack for almost three months over multiple terrains and through some really superb and horrific weather and I found it to be a good performing piece of kit for the walker.

The waxed cotton stands up really well to moderate showers but it does need a cover over it to make sure your kit doesn’t get overly soaked.

The pack is really comfortable to wear over long distances and the 22 litres is more than enough space for a day on the hills. The position of the sternum strap is annoying as I have very muscular shoulders and I would like it to be lower down but this is only a small problem and one I am going to correct myself at a later date.

Overall the Alpkit Brevent Rucksack is a superb rucksack for a day’s adventure on the paths and trails. Top notch!

Alpkit Brevent Rucksack

Overall Design - 8.5
Overall Quality - 10
Effectiveness - 9
Value For Money - 10


Top notch!

The Alpkit Brevent Rucksack is a superb rucksack for a day's adventure on the paths and trails.


Capacity: 22 Litres
Waxed Cotton
Available from:

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  • Seb

    How did you correct the fixed height sternum strap? This issue bothers me too.

    • Walk Fife Admin

      Sorry for the delay Seb. I removed it altogether from the straps and copied the arrangement used by Berghaus on their smaller backpacks. This allows me to move the sternum strap to where I find it the most comfortable. Not the ideal fix as Alpkit should have thought about this but it works well for me a few other people I know who own the same pack.

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